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YouTube Streaming

  • YouTube views are part of the criteria for music show wins

    • Music Core: 10% | Inkigayo: 30% | MCountdown: 15% | Show Champion: 10%​

  • High YouTube views will put his MV in the Trending list and will reach more people

  • Very good indicator of his debut's impact and success

YouTube Premium

Screen Shot 2020-07-18 at 8.17.39 PM.png
  • Subscribe to YouTube Premium's 1-month free trial 1 day before Kai's MV drops

  • Premium accounts won't be seen as 'bots' by YouTube and will prevent your views from being deleted

  • Make sure to watch the MV with your premium account

  • You can create multiple Premium accounts with different emails


YouTube family can accommodate up to 6 accounts. Find 5 other fans to split the premium subscription with you!

Streaming Guidelines

  1. Log in to your YouTube Premium account

  2. Search Kai's official MV manually on the search bar

  3. Like the video

  4. Change the quality to 480p or higher

  5. Do not skip short ads!

  6. Watch the full MV with no skipping, muting, pausing

  7. After watching, share the link on all your social media channels

  8. Don't forget to leave comments about KAI, the song, and the MV! Don't use emojis, hashtags, or spam.

  9. Watch 3 other MVs from other channels before watching the MV again.

  10. Repeat using different accounts on different browsers!


If you see the MV embedded on a Facebook, Twitter, or article link, watch it! The views will be counted there as well.


Guide by KaiStreamTeam

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