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Station KAI

We are a global fan project support team dedicated to Kai.

Our goal is to support all of Kai's activities and to promote fan initiatives and projects. 

Projects Directory

Worldwide iTunes fundraising project for Kai’s solo debut

Dedicated to poll updates and voting support for Kai, including voting app tutorials, guides and other activities

A streaming support team focused on Youtube, Spotify, and Apple Music

Focused on activities and creating blogs on Naver for Kai's Brand Reputation Ranking

Community for TikTok creators with the goal of promoting Kai and his solo on the platform

Promotion team focused on media articles and fan content (covers, reactions, etc.)

Global radio request project for worldwide airplays

Guides for Billboard charting

Affiliated fanbases

Chile @KaisupportCL 

Colombia @KAIcolombIAK

France @TeamKaiFrance

Indonesia @KaiTeamID

Italy @exokai_italia

Iran @KairosIran

Iran @ShokolatKai_IR

Mexico @AceKaiMexico

Morocco @MoroKai88

Myanmar @DedicatedToKAI

North America @ErigomNation

Paraguay @kaiparaguay



Turkey @KimKaiTurkey

UK @KaiUKUnion

Quick Links - Kai's Instagram account - Donation page for KAItunes project  - Discounted album preorder link - Ongoing voting poll - Current Youtube playlist for streaming - Articles list and Naver blogs to follow - Kai's Naver Talk page - Writer's collective for Kai - Global radio requests - TikTok requests/activities - TikTok team

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