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Korean Streaming

  • Biggest Korean digital streaming platforms: Melon, Genie, Bugs, VIBE, FLO

  • Buying streaming passes boosts his chance to win on music shows since Korean charts account for a huge portion of scoring

  • High digital chart position increases exposure and more of the general public will be interested in checking out his album

  • KAI fanbases will provide a recommended streaming playlist a few days before the debut date

krn pass table.png

Note1: Only charts counted on Instiz are shown

Note2: Music Core and The Show use GAON Digital Chart, which is an aggregate of all platforms

Note3: Music show digitals are based on daily/weekly rank, not real time

Choosing your pass

  • Best choice!

  • If you can afford to pay for rental accounts and passes, definitely go for Melon

  • Most used streaming platform

  • Most important for his digital performance and music show wins

  • Best alternative!

  • A cheaper, more accessible streaming platform

  • Can buy a pass through the App Store easily

  • Also counts for all music shows and Instiz chart calculation

While other platforms are important, we suggest prioritizing Melon and Genie streaming. If you have already set up your accounts and passes here, please feel free to buy passes in other platforms!

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