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  • 20% of Show Champion score

  • Win valuable ads for Kai through voting contests

  • Hearts are collected by watching ads, answering quizzes, completing missions

  • Hearts expiry: red hearts - none; blue hearts - every end of the month


Log in the app using your preferred SNS account


From the Home page, click on the store icon


Click on 'Free' and collect hearts by watching ads and achieving missions


If your account is new, join the chart voting for 5 days (using blue hearts) to be able to participate in quizzes


Earn more hearts by answering multiple quizzes

TIP: most answers can be found on Twitter

Blue Hearts (Time Chamsim)


  • Only available until the end of each month

  • Expires the 1st of the next month

Red Hearts (Ruby Chamsim)

Expiry:​ never

Earning extra hearts

  • Write in community posts (+20)

  • Daily attendance (+10)

  • Get 30 likes in posts (+20)

IMPORTANT: Start collecting hearts now so we don't have to lag behind when actual voting for Kai's solo starts.

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